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Swanstone Neo Angle Shower Base - Free Shipping

You won't find a selection of colors this large at the hardware store. Swantsone actually has 37 colors for you to choose from.

Bargain Priced Selection Of Swanstone Shower Bases With Free Shipping

Swanstone Neo Angle Shower Base

Swanstone Benefits

The Swanstone neo angle shower base completely stops from mold and mildew from growing on it. No more nasty mildew stains!

One of the most difficult parts of having a tile shower is keeping the grout looking clean and new. A Swanstone shower won't give you the same trouble. Zero grout lines to maintain and the Swanstone wall panels fit together with a Swanstone neo angle shower base so that damage to your walls or floors from leaks becomes a thing of the past.

You might be concerned about scratching your Swanstone shower base. Don't drive yourself crazy over it. Scratches can easily be removed. And yes! You can remove scratches on your own from a Swanstone neo angle shower base.

For lighter scratches use a 400 grit piece of sandpaper to take scratches out of the surface. If the scratches are a bit deeper you can go to a grit as heavy as 220. Don't use a grit any deeper than 220 on your Swanstone neo angle shower base. You'll end up doing more damage to the shower base than you are trying to repair.

You should always use a scotchbrite pad after sanding out scratches. Rub the area that you just sanded as well as the surrounding area with the pad to make the scratch repair that you made disappear. The maroon colored scotchbrite pad will work well.

Cleanup of a Swanstone neo angle shower base is a piece of cake too. You can use just about any general purpose household cleaner on it. Formula 409, Lestoil, Clorox Clean-Up, and lots of others will work well. Just don't use steel wool, a wire brush, or any cleanser that is not for use on plastic.

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