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Yes You Should Seal Your Granite Countertop, But How Often?

Nothing is scarier to a new granite countertop owner than the thought of a new stain in your brand new countertop. Granite dealers and wholesalers love to tell you just how indestructible a granite countertop can be. They are right but at the same time they are dead wrong.

Seal Granite Countertops Image1

Granite is basically a hard sponge. It can have tiny cracks and pores. Pores just like your skin that dirt, oils, foods, and other spills can get into. When a tough stain absorbs into your granite countertop it can nearly impossible to get out without a professional granite restoration that can cost you an arm and a leg.

Fortunately a little prevention using a high quality sealer and a little common sense can save your granite and your wallet a house call from a granite restorer.

Using a high quality sealer will help keep those stains from absorbing. The sealer gets into the pores and into the tiny cracks. The sealer fills up the pores and cracks so that your grape juice, tomato sauce, bacon fat or whatever else can’t get in and discolor your countertop.

Sealing your new granite countertop is abosolutely the most important step you can take to keep you countertop looking beautiful for a lifetime. By using a high quality sealer and by not letting stains sit on the countertop any longer than necessary you are guaranteed to have a great looking granite countertop that will look as gorgeous as the first day you installed it.

With a little care and maintenance your granite countertop will outlast any other part of your home.

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