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Marble Tiles And Their Creative Uses

Marble tiles on floors, walls, or counters have a luxurious appeal that can’t be achieved with any other material. You will achieve a look that is both elegant and timeless.

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Choosing marble tiles is the most cost effective and popular way for you to impress your guests. The marble tiles can range in size from the smallest remnants up to continuous pieces that can cover an entire room without a seam. You will need to purchase a large block and have custom pieces cut to achieve that look.

Marble is one of the most durable materials you can use around your house. Whether it is used as flooring, bathroom floor tiles, bathroom wall tiles, bathroom ceiling tiles, in a mudroom, or as a countertop. Beauty aside, the durabilty is it’s impressive quality. Cleaning marble tiles is a snap and they can last an eternity when you put in the effort.

As durable as marble tiles are they they can become sensitive when they are not cared for properly. Without proper care your tiles can turn into a sort of sponge and absorb stains. You can prevent stains from getting absorbed by properly sealing your marble surfaces and by cleaning up stains and spills quickly.

Water will not stain your marble. The first time that you spill water on it you may become concerned with the darkening that takes place. That is caused by the water seeping into the pores of your marble. It will dry and the discoloration will go away. If you get discoloration of your marble easily it is a good indication that it is time for a sealing of you stone.

Acidic juices and cleaners are the most important thing to clean up quickly if they spill on your marble. Examples include orange juice, tomato sauce, lemon juice, wine, and apple juice, tomato. These can easily ruin your perfect marble floors floor tiles and countertops.

If you have a marble floor surface be sure to use coasters under the furniture especially if you are not using area rugs under it. The coaster will prevent furniture from scratching the marble tiles. You don’t have to take off your shoes every time you walk across the tile but don’t track sand into the house. It’s easy to do in winter and the sand can scratch marble.

There are lots of marble choices available at the stone yard. No two pieces of marble are exactly alike so the possibilities are endless.

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