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Granite vs Marble

Lets compare some of the major differences. Even though they look somewhat similar, granite and marble are two extremely different materials. Pitting granite vs marble reveals one material to be more durable and functional than the other.

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Which Is More Durable?

The most important difference to note in the granite vs marble debate is that granite makes a much more durable countertop than marble. You can cut potatoes, chop onions, and slice fruit on a granite countertop without a cutting board, and you won't damage the surface.

Don't cut, chop, or slice on a marble countertop without a cutting board. You'll quickly ruin the surface. What you can do on a marble counter (that you can also do on a granite countertop) is roll and knead dough. Just be sure that any utensils you use on a marble countertop are plastic or wood.

One Countertop Resists Heat

Another thing that I think is very important when comparing granite vs marble is noting that marble is much more suseptible to damage from heat than granite.

With a granite countertop you can place hot pots and pans on the countertop without damaging the surface of the countertop. You can't do that with a marble countertop. They can't take much direct heat without discoloring.

Both Countertops Are Easy To Maintain

Maintainence is about the same between the two countertops. With both granite and marble you will need to apply a sealer to the surface of the countertop to help them resist staining and to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

If you don't apply a sealer about every twelve to eighteen months you run the risk of having stains set in and bacteria growing in places that you can't see. Mainly in pores that are not visible to the naked eye.

Forgetting To Seal The Counter Can Ruin It

No points for either when comparing granite vs marble here. However if both countertops are left untreated granite will fair much better than marble. The pores in granite are much smaller and tighter than in marble. The smaller pores translate into less places for stains and bacteria to get in to hold on tightly.

I have seen people save $2000 by getting more than one estimate for their marble and granite countertop installations. You can be one of them too. Get at least three estimates from good local contractors.

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