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Purchasing and installing a granite countertop can be very expensive. There are lots of different granites to choose from that vary in price but even the least expensive may be cost prohibitive. Fortunately, there is a little known alternative to granite countertops that is gaining momentum.

Granite Tile Countertops Image1

Lots of homeowners have discovered granite tile and that it can be used as a countertop for much cheaper. You still get the beauty and warmth of a continuous piece of granite without the hefty price tag.

Granite tile countertops are cut from the same block that traditional granite countertops are cut from. Everything that you know and love about the properties of granite is still intact. The only difference is now you are using tiles that are usually cut into 12″, 24″ or 36″ square tiles. Granite tiles have been used in floors and showers for decades and now are make the transition into kitchens. Your color choices are still limitless and nearly every stone that can be bought as a continuous slab can also be bought as a tile.

You can still place your hot pots onto granite tile counters as well as cut, chop, and knead dough. The granite tiles will still look wonderful and blend seamlessly with your cabinets and backsplash. You can use them on your kitchen island as well. The tiles can be fashioned into bullnose pieces so that you can get the look you come to expect from traditional counters of granite.

Using granite tiles on your countertop provides a great solution for homeowners on a budget while allowing the chef of the house to benefit from all the feautures of traditional granite countertops. You might even want to consider having a wood or laminate countertop that has a 36″ square section of granite. That way you can reduce the cost even more and allow the chef to enjoy granites versatility at the same time. The tiles can be set flush with the rest of the counter and will look seamless.

Visit a kitchen showroom for more clever uses of granite. There are lots of ways to enjoy the benefits of natural stone without breaking the bank. Using granite has been and always will be a practical and beautiful choice for your home improvement projects.

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