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Editors Tip: One way to save hundreds on your granite countertops is to get at least three free estimates from qualified local contractors.

Granite Countertops Pros And Cons

Granite Countertops Pros

A granite countertop is the last countertop you will ever have to buy for your kitchen! One of the biggest granite countertop pros is their durability. If you install a granite countertop in your kitchen you will never ever have to buy another countertop again. Granite will last longer than nearly any other feauture of your home.

You can place hot pots and right on the surface of a granite countertop. Heat up a caserole in the oven and place it on the countertop without grabbing a trivet or a second pot holder to place it on.

Cut, chop, slice, and dice on a granite countertop without having to use a cutting board. Another of the popular pros of granite countertops that you wont damage them with a knife blade. As a matter of fact you'll dull your knives before you scratch or damage the granite.

There are lots of things to love about granite countertops. One of the biggest pros that draws many people to granite countertops is their natural beauty and luster. You just can't beat granite countertops when it comes to a beautiful and green countertop surface.

Granite Countertops Cons

What stops most people from buying granite countertops is its biggest con. Price! Granite countertops are very expensive when comparde to the price of a solid surface countertop, similar countertops like plastic laminate.

Another of the granite countertop cons is thay they need to maintained about every year. Now the maintenance of a granite countertop is not the problem. It's that most people forget to keep up with the yearly maintainence schedule.

If you don't seal your granite countertop every twelve to eighteen months your countertop will become more suseptible to stains and bacteria growth. The sealing of the pores of a granite countertop help to stop stains, bacteria, and food particles from settling in and taking hold in the tiny cracks and crevis of your granite countertops.

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