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Granite Countertops Price

Calculating the price of granite countertops can be a little consfusing, so let me guide you through a simple example.

Let's use a price of $65 a square foot for our example. The actual price will vay depending on the rarity and the popularity of the stone. I have seen prices as low as $39 for a quality granite and as high as $450 for some incredibly rare stones.

granite countertops price

How Much To Pay For Installation

You'll be happy to know that most square foot prices include manufacturing of the stone as well as installation.

It's a good idea to ask, however. Especially with very low quotes. You don't want any surprises that will bust your budget.

Factors That Effect The Price

There are four points to consider that will increase the price of your countertop installation.

All four of these options will effect your granite countertops price.

The first thing that you'll need to calculate is your square footage. The satandard countertop is 3' deep. The countertop in our example is 10' long. Just multiply 3' X 10' = 30 square feet. Multiply that by the cost per square foot. 30s.f. X $59 = $1950

Add In The Cost Of The Backsplash

I wouldn't buy a granite countertop without some sort of protection for my wall from spills and impact. A backsplash is a perfect solution.

The countertop is 10 feet long, so we need 10 feet of backsplash. Multiply 10' by 4" for the standard backsplash height and you get 40 inches or 3.3 square feet. 3.3 s.f. X $59 = $216.

Functional and beautiful protection for your walls for $216? A no brainer!

Don't Forget Edge Details

Standard 90 degree corners won't cost you extra. It's when you get into fancy detailing that you'll add to your granite countertops price.

Let's get some fancy edges for our example. I like the look of an ogee. You'll pay about $20 per linear foot of edge detail. Remember you'll need a finished edge for any side of the countertop that is not against a wall.

We need 13 linear feet of finished edge for our countertop. 10 feet for the front and three more for one of the sides. A total cost of $260 for edge details.

We Need A Hole For The Sink And Soap Dispenser

There are two types of sinks, sinks that mount above the countertop and sinks that get mounted to the bottom of the countertop.

If you get an undermount sink than you'll have to pay extra for the finishing of the edges that will be exposed. That's going to cost you about $300.

A top mount sink wont cost you any extra as the sink will completely hide the hole in the countertop.

As far as holes go for things like soap dispensers and instant hot water dispensers, you generally get a few for free. In most cases the manufacturer will give you at least two free holes. Any more than that and you can expect the price of your countertop to increase by $20 per hole.

Add In The Corner Details

And finally we come to corner details. If you have a crazy countertop design with corners that are at odd angles you'll pay a premium for them.

It's easy for manufacturers to cut 90 degree corners. If you make them spend extra time laying out your countertop with odd angles than they'll want to be reimbursed for their time.

No crazy angles in our simple rectangle so no added expense for us in this category.

The Bottom Line

The grand total of our countertop in our example is $2,726.

This is a small countertop and as you can see it's not cheap. It is however, an investment in your home and sanity. The benefits of granite countertops are going to make your life in the kitchen much easier, and with all of the colors of granite countetops that are available, you'll be sure to find a countertop that you'll fall in love with.

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