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Granite Countertops Cost

It's not enough for me to tell you that granite countertops cost $39 per square foot. There are too many other considerations to make that will drive the price up.

Let's walk through creating an estimate for a granite countertops installation.

granite countertops cost

The Cost Per Square Foot

You should expect to pay $29 to hundreds of dollars per square foot of installed granite countertop. Quality, rarity, and where the stone is harvested all play a major role in how much the granite will cost.

Let's create this estimate using a moderate price of $59 per square foot installed. You'll be able to get a beautiful and good quality countertop at this price.

Choices You Make That Will Effect The Price

You'll have to consider all four of these when planning out your kitchen.

The easy part is calculating your square footage. Measure the length and the depth of your countertop. Most countertops are 3' deep. Using a counter that is 10' long you'll need 30 square feet for the countertop alone. That will cost you $1,770.

Now let's add in some of the details.

Calculating The Cost Of The Backsplash

Backsplashes are worth the investment. Not only do they look good but they are very functional. They'll add to your granite countertops cost but they'll save you more than they will cost you in the long run.

In this example the backsplash is 10 feet long. The standard backsplash for granite countertops is 4" tall. That's 4 square feet of granite that adds in $236.

Adding In Edge Details

Many people prefer a simple square edge with corners that are lightly rounded to prevent chipping. It's a good look that usually won't cost you any extra.

If you want a fancy edge like an ogee or a bullnose you should expect to pay a little more. Typically, you'll pay about $25 per linear foot, so for this example let's add in another $250

Sinks And Extra Holes For Soap & Lotion

I prefer the added convenience of having a soap dispenser built right into the countertop. I'm also a fan of having a lotion dispenser. For two holes you shouldn't be charged any extra, but any more than that and the manufacturer might want to tag on another $20 or so per hole.

Sink style also makes a difference. Sinks that are mounted on top of the countertop are standard and won't cost more money.

If you like the look of an undermounted sink you'll have to pay a premium for the extra work that is involved with preparing the countertop. Expect to pay another $300 for that extra work. I'm definitely a fan of the undermount so let's add $300 to our estimate.

Corner Details

I'm a pretty simple guy and the layout of my countertop is simple as well. I don't have any big sweeping corners in my design. If you do, you can expect to pay extra for them.

The Finished Product

In our example we have $1,770 for the countertop, a $236 backsplash, $250 for an edge detail, and $300 for the work to prepare the granite countertops for the undermount sink.

The grand total is $2,556. Don't forget taxes for those of you in a state that charges sales tax.

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