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How To Safely Clean A Granite Countertop

There are too many granite countertop cleaners on the market to count. Every single one claims to clean better than the other. Every one makes claims about how much more safe they are than their competitors.

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It’s maddening. All you probably want is a good and inexpensive countertop cleaner.

I completely understand. Being in the industry I have been verbally assaulted with more sales pitches than I care to remember. Fancy pants labels and ingredients mean absolutely nothing. They just complicate things. Cleaning granite is easy and can be boiled down to three basic ideas.

You need a mild cleaner. Don’t even think about touching your granite countertop with anything abrasive or anything acidic. Granite is a stone and reacts with acids. Depending on the stones composition the acid will eat away at your countertop. Soap and water will work just fine and are absolutely safe for your countertop.

The only drawback is that a harmless film builds overtime. That brings me to my next bullet point.

Granite countertop cleaner does have a purpose. It does however not need to be used every time that you clean up or wipe down your countertop. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Especially someone trying to sell you a cleaner in a fancy bottle.

Take your granite cleaner out about once a week and wipe down your countertop. It will remove the sopa scum before it gets heavy enough for you to even notice it. If you have a dark stone you may want to use your granite cleaner a little more often. Every four to five days perhaps.

Don’t buy your cleaner at Wal-Mart. At the very minumum get it from Home Depot or Lowes and pick something a little top shelf. Don’t pick the cheapest cleaner up and think your done. Something in the middle of the road will do just fine.

If you want to spend a little more and develop a relationship with a local granite stone yard it may be worth it. You’ll get the highest quality granite cleaner at the stone yard. I don’t believe it is worth the extra money or the extra trip but you may feel differently.

Your granite must be sealed. You would be surprised how many people don’t purchase a granite sealer and repeat the process every eighteen to twenty four months. Sealing your granite wont prevent stains from setting in but they will help prevent them by not allowing your spaghetti sauce to quickly get deep into the pores of the stone.

Always wipe up spills in a timely manner with a wet cloth or sponge. Especially something acidic like tomato sauce. I tend to spill stuff everywhere when I am cooking.

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