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Granite vs Corian

Corian is considered a good alternative to granite. When you compare granite vs corian however you'll find that there are some humongous differences. Let's go through go through the major differences together.

Granite vs Corian

Granite - Corian Comparison

The biggest difference in granite vs corian is that corian does not look like granite. Corian looks almost like granite. Since corian cannot be polished like granite can it is missing that natural and beautiful luster than you can only get with a stone countertop.

Is corian an attractive countertop? Of course it is. Corian is just not as attractive of a countertop as granite. That leads us to our next difference in granite vs corian.

Which Countertop Is Cheaper?

Corian is substantially cheaper than granite. The difference in price is so extreme that for many people the corian makes a great alternative to granite countertops. It can never replace granite though. Here's some more reasons why.

Which Countertop Is More Functional?

These two reasons really boil down to countertop functionality. When you compare the functionality of granite vs corian countertops granite wins hands down. Corian looks nice but it can't take the abuse that granite counters can.

Granite Can Take A lot Of Abuse

You can use a granite countertop as a chopping block or cutting board. Cutting food right on the countertop. Don't try that with a corian countertop. You'll quickly scratch it and ruin the countertop.

Corian Can't Stand The Heat In The Kitchen

Granite countertops can also stand a lot of heat. They are a metamorphic rock after all, formed in heat, and can really stand up to high temperatures. Take your hot pots of the stove or out of the oven and put them on granite countertop. No problem. A granite countertop can take the heat without any damage.

Don't try to put hot pot or pans on a corian countertop. If you place a hot pot on a corian countertop you'll melt a hole through it instantly. Ruining your corian countertop.

Corian Scratches Easier Than Granite

One last thing I want you to remember when comparing granite vs corian. Corian does scratch more easily than granite. You wont see all of the scratches in a corian countertop. They won't be visible to the naked eye.

Just because you can't find them doesn't mean that bacteria wont. Small food particles can become trapped in the tiny scratches in a countertop like Corian and give bacteria something to feed on.

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