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Granite Countertops Colors

You wouldn't believe all the colors that granite comes in. Choosing the right granite countertops color can seem like a big challenge, but it doesn't have to be.

The best advice that I can give to you is to visit your local stoneyard. The stoneyards near your home that have thousands of different slabs of granite in stock that you can have a countertop made out of.

The hard part is that no two slabs are exactly alike. Use these simple tips and I can guarantee that you'll find a color that'll look perfect in your home.

Granite Countertops Colors

How To Mistake Proof Choosing A Color

One thing we tend to forget to factor in when comparing colors is light. Normally we go to a stone yard and pick out a slab of granite. The color of the granite can look starkly different from the way it looked outside to the way it will look in your house.

Get samples of colors you like and bring them home with you. Most stone yards will have no problem giving you a piece of stone that you can bring home and see what it will look like under the lights of your kitchen.

This way you'll have a true picture of what the granite countertops colors will look like. You won't be surprised by the stark difference in the way that the granite looked in the stone yard versus the way it looks in your home.

The #1 Mistake Homeowners Make When Choosing Granite

The biggest mistake remodelers make is that they try to match the granite to existing paint colors. Before you choose a color, consider this.

What color in the room is the easiest and cheapest to change? It's not the color of the granite countertop. It's the paint color on the wall.

Allow Your Countertops Colors To Set The Palette

Let the granite dictate the color of your walls. Repaint if necessary. Don't allow the easiest and cheapest part of your house dictate the color of one of the hardest and most expensive to change.

If you're going to invest thousands of dollars in natural stone, then let it dictate the rest of the room. Think about the colors that would compliment your new granite and put those colors on the walls, window treatments, and doilies.

Colors That Make Rooms Feel Large And Cozy

Keep these general color rules in mind when choosing granite countertops colors. If you have a smaller kitchen or bathroom that you are installing granite in use blues and greens. They have a tendancy to make a room more spacious and formal. If you are looking for a cozy feel than think reds, browns, and yellows.

Here's a cool color tip: If most of the windows are facing north or east you will get lots of "cooler" sunlight. Choose warmer colors like red and yellows. On the opposite side of the color spectrum are rooms facing south and west. They will get warmer light. Contrast the warmer light with cooler colors of granite. Try blues and greens.

If you're looking to save a few dollars on your granite countertops than check out these ideas on scoring some discount granite countertops.

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