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There are many reasons you might considering buying a block of granite instead of individual slabs. Buying a block of granite instead of granite slabs solves aesthetic and selection problems.

Granite Blocks Image1

Here’s a good look at granite blocks that you can buy. You can have entire blocks of granite like this imported from nearly anywhere in the world. Different granite quarries have very different stones so it’s just a matter of picking from samples and then having your local stone yard order it.

Whether or not buying an entire block of granite is for you depends on how particular you are. In most cases you will want a full block for aesthetic reasons.

The problem usually arises if you want a lot of stone. Lets say you have a kitchen you want to have a granite countertop for. Your kitchen has a pretty big island. You have two bathrooms and you want the sinks mounted in a granite top. This is pretty typical but you may want more.

Are you doing an entire floor with granite or limestone? Maybe two or three floors. It’s not uncommon for a kitchen, every bathroom, a pantry, and dining room to have a granite finish. You can break up the monotony by using large pieces as long and wide as you entire block or have your granite cut up into smaller tiles. Maybe you want to have a granite or limestone border around your bathroom wood floor. The only limit is your or your designers imagination.

In larger applications the problem becomes apparent quickly. When tiles, counter tops, and flooring is cut from different blocks the pattern in the stone can vary widely. If you want your granite to have a uniform look throughout your home you may need to buy an entire block.

By having a block you are nearly guaranteed a uniform pattern throughout your house. You wont have to try to select similar slabs of granite and try to match them around your house.

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